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Our family has a long history of winemaking. A tradition dating back to 1861. Around ten years ago, my wife Monika and I have dedicated our work to the vinification of high-quality wines. In the past years, our family business has reached the top rankings of South Tyrolean winemakers – thanks to our effort and hard work, and with many distinctions, prizes and excellent appraisal. But we never forget our ambitions: to continue the steady growth and to remain nevertheless a small but fine, individuall and autarkic winery.

Idiosyncratic and with a strong character: our wines are unique. As are we. Accurate and gentle handling of resources is important to us. It is the fertile soil of our daily work in the vineyard. We question every single working step and consider which site offers the best potential. A down-to-earth character and much passion are fundamental, as well as innovation and nature-loving attitude. It is our goal to preserve traditions founded by our ancestors and meliorate them in continuation.

Thinking and acting close to nature, we free the path for the quality seal ClimaHouse Wine. Our winery is the first in Italy to be rewarded with this distinction.

Save the environment, please the eye. This was our goal during the construction of the new Pfitscher wine cellars, where we are since December 2011. With innovating approaches and energy-efficient actions. Struggling for sustainability, we now apply for the quality seal ClimaHouse Wine. This is a new quality seal by the ClimaHouse Agency, reviewing the environmental compatibility of the building as well as the living comfort, the use of energy and water in wine production, the choice of packaging and the consequences of transport.

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